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Very eerie, though it lacks a bit of structure. Some parts were a bit too random as well :p Very creative though. 3/5, 7/10

Chozz responds:

Thanks for the review :D


Very jumpy, but in a good way. The main problem with this song is that the melody does get a little bit repetitive after a while. Also, the part between 2:25 and 2:38 sounds a bit... weird, and with that I mean the drums are a bit weird. You should've tried to make a smoother transition there, but that's my opinion.

All in all, a job well done. 4/5 , 8/10

Unrl responds:

Hey dude, thanks for the feedback, I'll make sure those run through in my next few songs. I do agree with what you've said too, thanks for that. =)


Some parts were ok, though others sounded a bit too unharmonious (it almost sounded like you randomly placed notes in some parts).

Also, this sounds very computer generated. I think it would be better if you used a midi-keyboard for piano songs.

However, I can hear it has a story to tell, which is good.

3/5 , 6/10

Calamaistr responds:

Most of my music sounds unharmonious the first time untill youve went trough a loop or two, then it starts to make sense because i use unconventional transitions and stray away from textbook chordprogression, this track is.. afterall meant to portray extreme lonelyness and gloom.

Also, the piano used is a professional and very heavy vst i recieved from a ng member, it cant possibly sound that static.. i think you mean that the whole track is built with mainly short keys, but it is meant to be so. In fact, if i would play it on an actual piano i would play it exactly the same.

thanks for your review.


I liked this a lot, good job. Good structure and a good amount of variation.

The only problem I had with this was that the melody fell a bit into the background in some parts and that the melody was a bit too slow.

4/5 , 8/10. Keep up the good work!

SuperGoodSound responds:

Cheers! Yeah. Not perfect. But I'll keep making more and I'm only 24 (hey, that rhymed) so I have many years to improve and get better (I hope I'll get better at least, I think that the general pattern though).


Nice, very spooky indeed. Hower, it could use a little more depth and variation in the melody. Has a good amount of tension in it.

4/5 , 8/10 ;)

Hades responds:

Actually, I was considering making it a bit more complex, and then realized that leaving it repetitive could actually make it sound more creepy. The diversity was supposed to be achieved through background noise and dropping some sections instead of adding new ones. But yeah, it probably could have been a bit more developed, I just decided to leave it this way. Thanks for the review!


Well the beginning's there, but this really needs to be a lot longer. The melody is alright and the bass as well. I just don't think you can call this an actual remix.

Make the song last a lot longer, add a bit more instruments, and perhaps this will turn into something very nice.

zzbtbest1000zz responds:

Meh... I just threw this together in 40-ish minutes, Didn't expect a 4.00, but did put alot of effort into the timing and voices...
thanks for the 6, glad you liked it.


Good job on remixing this song.

It's quite faithful to the original, but it has a good amount of variation as well. I'm usually not too fond of Drum 'n Bass, but I thought this was actually very good.

4/5 and 8/10 for you ;)

Keep up the good work!


Nice, although the organ isn't very electronic :p Good amount of variation in those 6 minutes, but there's a lack of it in the instruments.

All in all, a 4/5 and an 8/10 for you, sir.

bossler13 responds:

why thank you! I know there isn't a good variation on instruments, but that was intended for the most part. I appreciate the review!

Great game but...

Loved that game! The soundtrack was great as well ;)
But... since this is made out of a midi file (one that I have as well lol), I can't give you any higher than a 6/10.

Squale responds:

lots of actors use midi`s from videogames.
And the sense of this track is, that i made a "now time mp3" from an 8-bit song.
Not more.

Hi, I write/compose/create music.

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