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New song, hurray!

2010-02-02 15:15:40 by EagleGuard

Hello good people,

I made a new song again. This time it's a very soothing, classical piece of music. I hope you guys like it! (Don't forget to rate and review)

Here is the link.

New news is new

2010-01-24 05:47:45 by EagleGuard


I made a new song, based off the Tyrian - The Level song.

Link of all links.

Hope you guys like it :)

The newest news

2010-01-07 14:00:03 by EagleGuard

Yay, it seems my Lemmings Remix is number 17 on the list of All-time Top Scoring music (as of this moment that is)!

Thank ye all who voted and reviewed, it's much appreciated.

In other news, I posted a new song a few days ago (for those of you who haven't read my last newspost). You can listen to it here!

(Hope someone actually reads these posts, as I get no feedback whatsoever *sadface :(* )

Greetings, good citizens of Newgrounds...

For some of you, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Ok, I made a new song and this time it's more tribal-jungle-like music. I went to James Cameron's Avatar the other day and loved the music, so I just had to make my own jungle music :)

Behold, one link to rule them all.

Even more new music, hurray!

2009-11-07 14:40:58 by EagleGuard

Yay, more new music.

This time it's a remake of the glorious Lemmings theme song.

Download it here. For those of you who want to listen to the original, well, you can find it over here.

New music, yay (and some other news)!

2009-11-04 13:11:59 by EagleGuard


I made a new music piece today and this time it's western!

You can find it over here.

Don't forget to rate and comment =D

Also, WhiteLightning1 used my music for his flash Digory. Be sure to check it out if you haven't done so already (it's awesome!). You can find his flash over here.

New music (again) yay!

2009-10-22 15:52:11 by EagleGuard

I posted a new piece of music again, hurray!

You can find it over here.

And stop voting 0 /5 *angry face* >:(

, Thanks :)

New song!

2009-10-02 13:12:23 by EagleGuard

Hey there guys,

I submitted a new song, Moon. Be sure to check it out! (Link)

New song

2009-07-24 07:44:58 by EagleGuard

Hey there guys,

I just uploaded my latest song: Veritas.