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-Music Video-Lemon Tree- -Music Video-Lemon Tree-

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Good for a beginner. Keep it up

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Pengu Vs. Zombies Pengu Vs. Zombies

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Nice twist on an old concept. I like how the game becomes increasingly difficult, but not to the extent that it becomes impossible to beat. Although the gameplay itself isn't the most innovative thing, it works well, even though it's fairly simple.

The music is nice, and even though it is the same all the time, it doesn't really bore the player, which is a good thing. The rest of the sound effects are simple, but they suffice.

Perhaps it would've been a good idea to implement some kind of achievement system, to keep the player motivated.

All in all, a good game. 7/10

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Sierra - untitled 8 (Concept) Sierra - untitled 8 (Concept)

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Just saw your post in the audio advertisements thread about this piece being zero-bombed, so I thought I'd write a review to help you out a bit.

The piece certainly isn't as terrible as the votes so far might suggest, but unfortunately, it's just not very special either. There's not really a clear theme, nor is there any musical development. That said, I can actually imagine this being used as an ambient loop for a video game or something, so if that was your aim, you may well be on the right track.

The final mix is okay, but could be improved upon to really make it easy on the ears. The percussion is a bit too loud for my taste, and there's some distortion (clipping?) here and there. However, there is sufficient depth in the piece, which means the relative volumes of the individual tracks are alright. Side-chaining is a bit overdone in my taste, but that might be a personal preference thing.

My advice would be to focus on what kind of story you'd like to tell with your music. Right now, the piece doesn't really convey any mood at all, and in the end, music is all about expression and telling a story through sound (in my opinion, at least). Try thinking of a clear melody or interesting harmonic content, and try to develop that into something interesting. If you're able to fix the mixing issues as well, I'm sure you'll be able to come up with something nice!

I have to give you credit for the loop of this piece, though: It's really seamless!

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SierraRising responds:

Thank you, man. Thank you so much.
Sadly my goal was a full DnB trrack, so I guess I have very long ways to go on that.
I can definitely work the percussion through, but I am glad that it already has depth to it. I´ll take the sidechaining down a bit.
The story/mood of the track was kind of in the image I selected- that of dark, rusty cables in an enclosed space. Red, rusty brown and black- rich but foreboding colors. Sadly I couldn´t think of anyway to expand on that thought. However, I´ve listened over some of your cinematic pieces and I may catch some inspiration from those.
Thank you very much for giving me a chance and lending some good advice, I truly appreciate it.

Simple Sight (Part 2 Instrumental) Simple Sight (Part 2 Instrumental)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Cool stuff! I can really hear the inspiration from the original song (especially in terms of instruments), but at the same time it's fresh enough to keep things interesting.

I really liked the build-up at the beginning and the themes you've used are catchy and varied. Overall, it's a really nice tune, and a worthy successor!

That said, there are a few quirks you could keep in mind for future releases. Although there's a good amount separation in the mix (which is great), the stereo mix is a bit too wide in my opinion. In combination with the high amount of compression and low bass-frequencies, this puts slightly too much pressure on the ears (or at least mine). Perhaps you could consider increasing the dynamic range in your mix a bit, so that the ears have a bit more room to 'breathe'. In addition, the ending is a bit too sudden for my taste, but I guess that just comes down to personal preference.

All in all, it's a very enjoyable piece; keep up the good work!

RealFaction responds:

I guess it's just my style of mixing. Sorry about that. Thanks though.

Mix Test Mix Test

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Since this is a mix test, I'll purely review the mixing aspect of the song here (no rating is given for composition).

First of all, compression is a lot more subtle than it used to be in your songs, which is good. I'm personally not a fan of the 'pumping effect' you get when things are overcompressed, so definitely an improvement in that regard.

EQ could still use some tweaking here, though. Right now, the mix is too harsh, causing ear fatigue quickly. I had to cut the frequencies from 2khz and up by -6db to make it easier on the ears (and even then there was a lot of "crunch").

The stereo image could use some work as well. If you use stereo imaging software (e.g. a goniometer), you'll see that this mix isn't really mono-compatible. Guitar parts fade away too much right now when you're summing to mono. After analysing each frequency type (low, mid, mid-high, high), I came to the conclusion that there's simply too much stereo information in your mix. Try to use as little side information as possible (especially in the bass parts of your mix), and the clarity of your mix should increase drastically. Doubling guitars naturally creates some side information, but make sure it's balanced.

Some general tips:
- Compare your own mix with an existing mix you think sounds good.
- Make sure your mix is at least somewhat mono-compatible.
- Keep it simple. Try not to 'overmix' your song.

Hope this helped! If anything is not clear, feel free to drop a response :)

RealFaction responds:

damn....this is hard. Thanks for the help.

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Spiderbot Spiderbot

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Nice, lot's of detail, but could use a bit more variation in colours.