100 fans!

2014-10-30 14:25:54 by EagleGuard

It's been a while since I last posted an update here, so I figured it was about time now that I've reached 100 fans. I'd like to thank everyone who has listened to my music for these past few years! Although I sadly haven't been active as of late, I really appreciate all the support, and I'm glad I could make something people (hopefully) enjoy listening to.

That said, I'm still very much into producing music, I just haven't had the time to complete my work yet. Rest assured: I'll definitely upload more music to Newgrounds in the future :)



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2014-10-30 14:50:05

gratz :)

EagleGuard responds:

Thanks! :)


2014-10-30 14:57:23


EagleGuard responds:

Thank you! ^^


2014-10-30 15:45:39

Gratuliere :D

EagleGuard responds:

Danke schön :D