Mystical Woods Cinematic Song
The emperor's castle (loop) Cinematic Loop
A village's call to arms Cinematic Song
Pirates! Cinematic Song
A summer stroll Classical Song
Africa calls Cinematic Song
Heroic Battle Cinematic Song
A walk through town Classical Song
Entering the Dark Cinematic Song
Lost in the woods Cinematic Loop
Captain's march Cinematic Song

2014 Submissions

Drops of Rain Miscellaneous Song
Downfall Cinematic Song
Oppression Cinematic Song
Fighting the Storm Cinematic Song
Rise of the Phoenix Cinematic Song
Release Video Game Song
Stream of Power Dance Song
Necromancer's Return Video Game Song
<EagleGuard> Nemesis General Rock Song
<EagleGuard> Rise of Champions Drum N Bass Song
<EagleGuard> Wandering General Rock Song
<EagleGuard> The Celts Miscellaneous Song
<EagleGuard> Last Stand General Rock Song
<EagleGuard> Electro Allegro Dance Song
<EagleGuard> Dawn Classic Rock Song
<EagleGuard> Legend Classical Song
<EagleGuard> Path of War General Rock Song
<EagleGuard> The Journey Classical Song
<EagleGuard> Road back home General Rock Song
<EagleGuard> Rock it out! General Rock Song
<EagleGuard> Never give up! Classical Song
<EagleGuard> Jib Jig! Video Game Song
<EagleGuard> Project X Dance Song
<EagleGuard> Frozen Forests Classical Song
<EagleGuard> Tyrian Remix Video Game Song

2009 Submissions

<EagleGuard> Mountain Jungles Classical Song
<EagleGuard> Lemmings Rem Video Game Song
<EagleGuard>Lone Cowboy Miscellaneous Song
<EagleGuard> Jazzy Jazz Loop
<EagleGuard> Moon Classical Song
<EagleGuard> Tempest Dance Loop
<EagleGuard> Veritas Miscellaneous Song
Age of Empires IV Theme Video Game Song
Freedom! Classical Song